Sunday, February 12, 2006

Wet Mittens

There's two feet of snow outside and it takes about two hours to get the kids bundled up to go out in it.
Lulu's snow boots had dog poo on them from two months ago that never got scraped off. Zeb refused to wear his snow pants or snow boots, but, after smacking me and getting a time-out, finally relented on the boots because he wanted to use the the little red snow shovel Regis bought him.
After Lulu was finally dressed, she ran around happily in the snow for awhile, then got snow down her back and came in. She took everything off and complained of snow being in her socks.
The stiff gloves that were supposed to keep her fingers warm were damp and impossible to put back on. I had to forage for a matching pair of mittens, which she put on before her boots or coat, so I had to fasten the boots and zip the coat in the midst of getting Zeb ready.
Five minutes later, Lulu came back for new mittens because her second pair were wet already.
Zeb couldn't get his feet in his boots, but he was surprisingly placid about the scarf--normally a bone of contention for both kids.
By the time I got ready, they were both outside and Regis had frost on his eyebrows and sideburns from shovelling snow but didn't seem to mind.
Zeb was sticking his tongue out to catch snowflakes and Lulu was falling in the snow for laughs.
We dragged the snow tube and flat foam sled up the hill near our house. Zeb, who was scared to sled last year, went down all by himself (despite earlier threats that if he didn't wear his snow pants, he couldn't sled ). Lulu made a couple trips downhill and then ran home, her cheeks red and stinging.
Zeb toughed it out for another ten minutes with Regis on the sled.
The whole thing took about twenty minutes.
And for the next few hours Zeb and Lulu sat on the couch in front of the TV, wrapped in blankets while the snow fell outside and their hot choclate grew cold.
They love the ritual of hot chocolate, but don't like to actually drink it. They eat the marshmellows and leave the cups on the kitchen counter to cool for the rest of the day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved this. And I love that I've been to your house and can totally picture it happening. Kids are a lot of work, eh?

I so cannot relate to the dislike of hot chocolate!


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