Saturday, July 03, 2004

Roses Really Smell Like Poo: The Kidz Bop Remix

Lulu loves to listen to commercials for the Kidz Bop CD series, where seemingly ordinary, non-showbizzy choruses of children sing Top 40 hits.
They used to sing pretty innocuous songs by people like the Backstreet Boys.
But lately they've been getting edgier, and I'm wondering how they get around some lyrics in the songs they cover.
Like in "Hey Ya,'' what do they do with lines like, "Don't wanna meet your momma, just wanna make you come-ah''? Maybe, "Just wanna a piece of gum-ah'?' I don't know.
And they also sing "Toxic,'' by Britney and "Are U Gonna Be My Girl'' by Jet, which has the lines like, "I could take you home with me, but you were with another man.''
I guess most pop songs, when sung by children and robbed of their sexual overtones, sound totally harmless, but there's always the odd line or so that is just too PG13.
It reminds me of when "Shake Ya Ass'' by Mystikal was a hit. There were about five different radio edit versions. On the rap stations, they'd keep "ass'' in the chorus but delete a few of the "bitches'' and "niggas.''
Then you'd hear it on the Top 40 Teen station as "Shake it Fast'' with "dude'' substituted for "nigga.''
But when you bought the album and heard the original version it was completely filthy. There were lines like, "Bitch ride a dick like she makin' a baby!''
Obviously, even with the radio edit, the Kidz Bop Kidz couldn't fix that one.